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Pensio specializes in providing new build and pre-construction homes, condominiums and townhomes to real estate buyers across Canada.

To empower our clients with the right tools and solutions for seamless, results-driven real estate investments. At Pensio Group, we go a step above in order to exceed the expectations of clients. Our full-service brokerage offers additional solutions to complement your real estate investment:

Rent Payment Contract Bonds

The Pensio core comprehensive services and rent guarantee programs are uniquely designed and positioned to benefit our diverse client groups which include developers, investor-buyers, lenders, existing owners, property managers, and tenants. 

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Deposit Guarantees

Pensio Purchase Power Deposit Guarantee:  A low-cost alternative to a cash deposit used when purchasing a home.  This solution effectively alleviates the Buyer from having money tied up for long periods of time which is typical for pre-construction, in addition, there is no need to bridge finance or borrow money as the deposit guarantee is treated like cash.

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Down Payment Solutions

EQ2 contributes up to half of the down payment towards the purchase of a home in exchange for shared equity in the home. EQ2 is a solution for individuals who struggle to come up with the cash needed for a down payment, and also for investors who would like to build their property portfolios without having to break long-term investments to come up with cash needed for down payments. EQ2 may be exercised up to 12 months before closing.​

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